FRED: Faculty Research Expertise Database

FRED: Faculty Research Expertise Database

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About FRED

FRED is a searchable electronic database of information on research interests of more than 5,000 UGA faculty.

FRED was developed to foster research collaboration among investigators at UGA, colleagues at other universities and research institutions. It is used by faculty, students, and industry scientists to find:

  • Information on faculty expertise by key word
  • Links to faculty webpages and email addresses
  • Information on sponsored project awards: project title, funding agency, project amount and other project investigators

Information in FRED is refreshed nightly from authoritative UGA databases. (UGA Faculty: See How to change your Research Expertise profile in FRED, below.)

How to Search FRED

FRED Key Word searches match the key words against

  • faculty research interests, as were entered in the Narrative of Interests and Expertise in the Faculty Activity Repository (FAR) and preserved after FAR was replaced;
  • titles of sponsored projects on which faculty have served as either PI or Co-PI, updated nightly from the eResearch Portal, a centralized database maintained by Sponsored Projects.

Single search terms (Ex.: plant) will return all faculty records that include that term.

Multiple search terms (Ex.: plant genetics) may be entered by separating them with spaces. Faculty records returned will include both terms, regardless of whether they appear contiguously.

To further refine your results, you can search for the exact phrase by enclosing multiple words within double-quotes. Ex.: “plant genetics” will return faculty records that include the exact phrase.